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Anonymous asked: I met this band on the internet. I love their music and I admire them for making such unique music. They seem to be cool with their fans and I would love to talk to them and hang out with them. The thing is that I actually like the singer and he seems to be a very interesting person and I would like to know if I can go on a date with him but here's the deal. I'm very insecure but it is because I'm not a tall woman, actually I'm really short 4'11'' and I think people is very elitist.

(I’m the girl who told you about being insecure) I I feel like they will reject me just for not being tall. Do you think that actually matters? Be completely honest, please! xx
There’s no set look a groupie should have. Just like not every musician looks the same! If someone treats you bad because you’re a different height then shame on them. You’re obviously a beautiful, petite lady and you should flaunt it, be proud of who you are. - Sofia xx

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Anonymous asked: I totally agree with the last post about college. I started going to shows as a teenager. Any show that was coming I was at. I had to save my butt off to do it. When I started college and working full time I took it hard to not go to every show I wanted, but it was worth it. I save more now to afford to see my favorites and music festivals over having to go to every single one I'd like to. Believe me, your own personal future is more important! Plan ahead always if you must work or school!


Yeah, there’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment when the day finally comes around when you’ve got your gig tickets, you’ve booked your time off work and you’re off to meet up with your friends. And you paid for it all, with what you earn from your job. It’s something a lot of teens don’t understand. When I was a teenager I often thought “I need to go to this, I absolutely need to”, like it was the end of the world if I didn’t. But I didn’t have the money for it at the time and I had school or college to go to. It’s all about prioritisation. There will be other gigs and you’ll appreciate them so much more after not acting on every whim as a teenager, especially if those whims affected your education.

Sorry if I sound like on old lady [not old at all irl], but I’m trying to come from a position of experience and common sense here. Just be realistic and remember that life isn’t like some movie, and lots of decisions you make in your teen years will affect you for the rest of your life.

Rachel xx

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Anonymous asked: Don't be a groupie have some respect for yourself. Guys in bands never marry them, they are just sex toys.


want some examples of groupies who succeded? linda eastman kind of chased bands and took camera so it looked like she had a purpose to be there, so once she met paul mccartney. pamela miller married michael des barres who was a popular glam rocker. cyrinda foxe was married to both david johansen AND steven tyler. never give up! :)

being a groupie absolutely does not mean you don’t respect yourself. this is some serious slut shaming.


- S xx

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The Groupies, 1968  photographed by Baron Wolman 


The Groupies, 1968  photographed by Baron Wolman 

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