Anonymous asked: what are your opinions on the guestlist? it seems like most people think it's strictly for friends/family and/or actual band whores. but i've gotten on the guestlist numerous times just by asking (even before i really knew the band) but i always would bring some gifts in return. now i basically only ask if they're good friends of mine or i'll try to see if i can if i'm driving really far. i sometimes feel bad though even when i bring gifts and i just didn't know what you're thoughts were


First off, we don’t use the term “band whore” around here…groupies are a different thing to what people mean when they say band wh*re.

Guestlists are for anyone who knows the band/promotion team/venue staff/etc on varying levels. You could chat to someone and they offer it or you could be someone’s best friend, you just have to know people with access to it.

I’ve never asked outright, so far it’s always been offered to me, like to say thanks for going or for going to more than one show. I don’t bring gifts because it’s only a small favour really…the band doesn’t lose the money because you got in for free, it’s on the venue in the end - so bringing the band a gift doesn’t make sense to me unless you’re thanking them for that little favour.

Don’t feel bad. Most gigs have a number of guestlist spots per show and it’s no big deal for a band to put you on it. It’s just a nice little thing people do to help you out really.

Rachel xx

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Anonymous asked: How old are you girls? At what ages can you be a groupie? When you are simply too old for that? How old are they?


We’re both between 20 - 25.

I don’t think there is a proper starting age for hanging out with bands, but being 18 or so is a guideline - or maybe the age limit for drinking where you’re from (which is 18 here in the UK). It just depends on how strong and mature you are, so even at that age you might not be ready. I was a little bit younger when I fell into this and I wasn’t ready, looking back I see that now.

There isn’t an upper age. People seem to think that women have an expiry date, that we all should settle down in the middle and that’s a load of shit basically. It’s the right path for some but not for everyone. Groupies are usually non conventional women (but not everyone is the same). You can love music and the people who make it for all of your life if you want.

Rachel xx

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frankiesm0nsterxo asked: For the anon asking about being a "fan girl"-- my favorite band I have always been front and center at all shows dancing and singing along, plus take pictures with them, and all sorts of all the other "do not do these" things, and I'm beyond close with them. The second show the drummer noticed me, and the rest is history. They don't mind one bit, and love seeing people interested in them and their music. I think all those tips that are the most common are dead wrong. That's just me though.


There really seems to be an anti-fan sentiment that is creeping about recently. It’s absurd. If it wasn’t for the music, we wouldn’t be there in the first place! So if anyone sees “tips” that say that you shouldn’t let people know you actually like their music, then just ignore them cos they’re so wrong in my experience… I am always at the front, I enjoy shows so much more when the band is right there infront of me, the music is loud. It’s easier to get noticed too, definitely. Like you said, people really appreciate it when they see you singing at the front, enjoying the show and their music.

Rachel xx

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Anonymous asked: I danced, I sang along, and I enjoyed myself soo much (same anon asking about wanting to look 'cool and collected'). After I saw everyone else around me not doing anything, I got pissed off and just started shuffling, at first I was really self concsious, as in "omg wth are you doing?!" But then I teally got into it! I love dancing in public I should do it more often. :-) The concert was great too all acts was amazing (too remain anon I can't really tell you, but I will come off to share)


I’m so glad you had fun! It’s hard to beat having a dance to some good live music. I guess a lot of people feel awkward about it, but you just have to go for it and move! Seriously, we see people saying that you need to be a disinterested ice queen at shows, but that so isn’t the case…you’ll have a lot more fun if you stop paying attention to what people think of you. It takes a bit of practise that’s all.

Rachel xx

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Hi everyone,

We were away for a little while and our queue emptied out - I’m not sure when that was, but I’ve just added a bunch of questions/answers to it again. I’ve tried to answer every one I can. I think it’s going to be one post a day again to hopefully cover the next gap.

Anyway, thanks for the patience and thanks for reading the blog!

Rachel xx

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