Anonymous asked: Do you agree with me that to make a band member notice you or you are really attractive or you do something that makes them notice you? When you just have few minutes to be noticed you should have a strategy! (btw thanks for all the advices girls!)


You definitely have to do something to be noticed, it’s all about standing out in some way - whether it’s the way you act, the way you look or what you say to people. Think of what makes you interesting, what you love most about yourself and use it to your advantage! Everyone has something.

Confidence is key. Even if you have to “fake it til you make it” (act confident even though you’re nervous, by acting confident you sort of make your brain trick itself into getting more relaxed about things!). Be confident, no matter which approach you go for. I try different things depending on the concert I’m at. There’s always standing there looking interesting until people come over - short eyecontact, look away before they do, etc - but it’s also good to be assertive and go say hi yourself (usually when the room has cleared a bit so you’re less likely to be interrupted). 

Basically, there is no set way to get noticed, it’s something you have to work out, find the best way for yourself. It might take some practice, but stick to it if it’s what you want to do!

Rachel xx

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I will visit my brother in London this summer and I think is an opportunity to finally go to shows and meet great musicians (I live in italy, we don't have many concerts) I just hope that bands that I like will be there!


London is definitely the place for gigs in the UK. Every international touring band plays a show there, even if they don’t play anywhere else in the country, they’ll stop off in London before or after hitting the rest of Europe. So I would say it was definitely a great opportunity!

Even if bands you like don’t play in London, there’s something for everyone. Not try to sound like the tourist board here, but it’s true.
There’s Camden, which is a bit cheesy and overpriced but there’s lots of different venues there, from the Roundhouse were big bands like Queens of the Stone Age or Alice Cooper have played, to various bars and clubs like the Underworld with the smaller acts. But Camden is great because it has that alternative subculture feel, if you’re into your goth type stuff.

There’s Soho too, which is full of little bars and venues like the Borderline, Intrepid Fox, and the 100 Club. There’s also a huge gay scene there too. The west end theatre is amazing if you’re into plays. Carnaby Street for shopping. It’s very touristy but can be fantastic.

I’d say those two districts would be my main recommendations for someone first visiting London. But definitely check all of your bands’ tour dates and guides about what’s on in London too. Have a good look online and happy planning!

- S x

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Anonymous asked: I was reading other articles about groupies. Even though it was from people that are looking to sleep with a musician, it kind of made me insecure about ways I've acted around bands. Like they were saying don't ask for pictures, don't act like a "fangirl", don't rock out if you're near the front. I agree that you shouldn't be like covered with their name/names but what's wrong with having fun? Wouldn't musicians like that? I'm talking as someone who wants a relationship over a hookup though.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a fangirl. There’s nothing wrong with being a fan either.

I’ve never stood at the back of a venue, I’ve always been in the crowd (or sidestage but that’s another matter), singing along. I don’t think it has ever hindered my chances with becoming friends with a band! You’re at their show, they are probably going to assume you are a fan, now, aren’t they? (: Unless you were stood there bored out of your mind, which makes me think, why bother going anyway!

So from my personal experiences, I would definitely say there’s nothing wrong with looking like a fan. You wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the music in the first place. As long as you’re not all out fangirl - shaking and crying - then I don’t see it getting in the way of becoming acquainted with a band at all.

As far as one night stands go, you’re best off not appearing to be a fan at all. It’s no strings, no feelings. And he probably wouldn’t want all of his fans online reading about whether he puts his trousers on one leg at a time or both at once, if you catch my drift.

I’d be interested in hearing any stories/thoughts our followers have on this?

- Sofia xx

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Anonymous asked: Hey thanks for making me discover that groupies (true music lovers) still exist. I'm a big fan of 60's & 70's music and I mostly listen to that music so I can't be a groupie since time travelling doesn't exist D: Anyway I think you are great girls!!


You’re very welcome! If I could invent a time machine, I’d let our followers use it first to see the likes of Hendrix, Led Zepp, The Beatles and all the other great “oldies”! (: If only it could be possible!

I’m sure there must be some modern bands with a 60s/70s feel in your country? Try looking on Soundcloud. (I nearly suggested Myspace but then I remembered what year it was ha ha ha!)

- Sofia xx

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Anonymous asked: Hey girls. Just wanted to write back to that anon who was underage and wanted to be a groupie. What the last anon wrote was nice but it seemed pretty stereotypical. Not ALL musicians are sex hungry and looking to mess with young girls. Some really are down to earth and want to enjoy the company of nice people. I was a younger groupie who would hang out with musicians after shows. It was never romantic or sexual. Just be careful. Watch who you trust. ANYONE can be a dbag no matter their job.


I must start by apologizing. Normally I would address messages like that, set things straight, but I didn’t that time. I’ve been very busy recently, [they’ve changed my shift pattern at work and things are a little hectic, nothing too interesting!!] which is why Rachel has been answering more things than I have recently.

I completely agree with you though, and I should have said that instead of just posting the message as it was. For one thing, the fifteen year old didn’t mention sex at all, the second asker just assumed that was what the 15yo meant because they used the word ‘groupie’, and as we say over and over, having sex with famous people isn’t what being a groupie actually is! It’s being around the music and those who make it, and anything else is an added bonus if you ask me (;
Both Rachel and I were 15/16 when we started hanging out with bands, so we’re the same as you, it was never anything of a romantic or sexual nature…not until a few years later anyway!

Thanks for sending this in, and I’m sorry for the oversight.

- Sofia xx

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