Anonymous asked: I read a comment on tumblr from old simon interview about simon and garfunkel groupies who were platonic and more interested in conversation than sex. And if that doesn't prove variety within the circles I don't know what does. It makes sense now Sophie and Rachel -- it is all falling in place and now I feel less afraid to platonically follow this group around.


Of course there’s nothing wrong with platonic relationships! Being a groupie isn’t about having sex with bands, it’s a whole range of things. Being friends with some musicians is what keeps me going, personally. There are people I know romantically/flirt with/whatever/etc, and I know that wont last forever but I know I’ll always have my platonic people behind me no matter how things go :)

Being a groupie is all about appreciating music, and we don’t need to do that with our bodies exclusively, we can talk to the musicians in ways that nongroupies can’t, it’s a special kind of relationship. If you don’t want to have sex with someone, never let them make you feel like you have to - because you don’t!

Yes, groupies do have sex with musicians, but that’s not what it is all about. Let’s fix this “groupie = someone who has sex with bands” idea and expand it.

Rachel xx

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Anonymous asked: hi! I recently attended a festival (it was a 2 day thing, though camping wasn't permitted) and a band I liked were playing the smallest stage. My friends and I arrived early and long story short - 2 members, who I found quite attractive, approached us, gave us a leaflet and asked if we were going to their set. Of course I freaked and all I said was "[band name]??! I love your band!" in a silly way... so the purpose of this ask is how do you act cool when your favourite bands approach you?!


It’s one of those things that gets easier over time! The more musicians you meet, the less starstruck you’ll get (although of course there’ll always be that one favourite musician that you will be starstruck over).

For now, just think that they’re normal people just like you and I, the only difference is that they get up onstage and play music to an audience. Just keep thinking that they’re normal people, it should help!

Rachel xx

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Anonymous asked: I mean I like the member that started talking to me but the real question was do I tell him that I like him or no?


If you feel comfortable doing so and if it feels like the right thing to do, then do it. If there isn’t that chemistry there, then don’t. It’s all up to you. I’m sorry, I would love to help you out but I really can’t tell if it’ll be a good idea or not. Everyone is different and it’s impossible to give advice beyond “judge the situation and do what you feel comfortable and confident doing”!

Rachel xx

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Anonymous asked: So, I have no I idea if this was ever answered but, I know this band on instagram and they are always talking to me about going to see them and begging me to go to shows. One day one of the members found my KIK But I've recently started to have grown a real admiration for one of the member that started talking to me and I don't know what to do about it since I'am younger than he is. Thanks! <3


I don’t know your age or his age, so I’m not sure how to answer. But if you’re not talking a huge gap, why not go say hi after their show (mention via text or instant message or whatever beforehand that you’re going!)? Communication is key - judge how things are going and react accordingly, I cant tell you to do X y or z because I am not involved in this, and it’s best to act on your own merit than taking advice from other people when it comes to starting relationships and things.

But honestly, talking to people is much better than not talking to people. You can give it a go or you can carry on as you are now, without taking the chance.

A little off track here, but so many people message us about texting or Facebook. I do think that talking face to face is so much better than social networking. It is more mature, without a doubt. I know it’s what you’re used to, but it’s so much more sincere and genuine when people can say things face to face, from asking someone out to sharing feelings. Honestly itll help so many people grow.

Rachel xx

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For anyone who needs it, this blog may help.

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