Anonymous asked: What is going on with BBC right now (referring to your "rant" -- which was not a rant just eloquently stated opinion :)) --- referring to post about young groupies and jimmy page being a very creepy man? I honestly do not know, I'm sorry. What has BBC done recently, I look it up my our news is rather filtered here. I cannot find it!


It’s a massive thing about ’70s/’80s/beyond TV hosts, radio presenters - Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville are the worst ones. They abused children and teenagers. People in positions of power and respect that are misusing people’s trust horrendously, and people around them let them get away with it for years, like they thought “they’re on TV so they must be nice really”. And Jimmy Page happens to also be a famous guy from the 70s, so people cover up for him aswell (although of course it’s hard to say that his stuff is the same as Harris or Saville, cos we just don’t know).

I know a lot of led Zeppelin fans aren’t going to like that, but it’s a fact that Jimmy Page is creepy as fuck. It legitimately concerns me when I see young women and girls sticking up for men like this one.

Rachel xx

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Anonymous asked: How do you feel about the whole groupie movement in the 60s and 70s, especially about those "baby groupies", ya know the thirteen and fourteen year olds? I know you don't discuss gossip here and I'm not sure in which way my question may include that, but even if you choose not to answer, thanks a lot anyways.


Thanks for the question. I think reading about the baby groupies was one of the first times I had heard groupie stories…I can’t imagine going through what they did, around ten years younger than I am now. I admire girls for their strength of will, their spirits - these were some ballsy people! Especially so soon after the sexual revolution…but even now people struggle to comprehend that women have unique dreams, desires, not everyone wants to lead the same life. God forbid that she wants to get to know the people that inspire her!

Of course, there is a dark side. I read people who try to excuse the abuse the bands dealt them by saying “oh that’s just how it was back then”…I strongly disagree with that. I won’t make excuses for rock stars such as Jimmy Page, Bowie, Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, Stiv Bators etc…they were having sex with minors, they were abusing their positions of power. People say “but the girls wanted it” - does the guy have no part in this? A grown man should be able to say no to sex with teens and preteens, end of story. Besides, minors can’t consent, especially not to people of age. Jimmy Page is an especially disgusting example…he kidnapped Lori (yes, she did use that exact word in a later interview), left her stranded, forced her to have sex with him. Very creepy guy. Creepy is too light a word. And Miss Pamelas books show how manipulative and weird he was too, setting girls against each other - we should all stick together.

This is why I am so protective of the younger people who message in. But it’s not enough to tell girls to look out for themselves, after all they’re not the ones at fault, it’s predatory older men that are to blame and that’s a whole massive issue in itself. Too many paedophiles…(before anyone says “but they weren’t children, they were teenagers!” I advise you to look at these girls again and she how childlike their features were, read their interviews and see how young and innocent their ideas were).

Basically, that’s my opinion on this. If you’re reading this, anyone, and you think that the girls are to blame, even just a little, then I don’t think we would ever get along. We don’t need any more people making excuses for fucked up people (like the whole drama with the BBC recently, so many incidents brushed under the carpet because the famous people had everyone belive that they were trustworthy).

Thanks for the question, my rant is over!

Rachel xx

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Anonymous asked: I'm really into goth rock and searching for my name through a cemetary or obituary is just me making fun of myself and of how serious some people take the scene. Hahaha! It is a great way of honoring and letting their names live on, so they won't have to be forgotten for much longer, especially with obituaries since you can learn more about the person. that is until I grow up and die, and hopefully someone will come by and use my name again just to keep it going. (:


That makes so much sense now! It’s a nice sentiment, that. Thank you for sharing :)

Rachel xx

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musicmate asked: Not a question, just sharing a story. I was visiting a friend two weeks ago, we went out to a night club. There's this band from that city that I like lots, and I saw a bartender with a shirt of it. I asked him where did he get it and he told me "oh, the guys from the band gave it to me, wait a little, the bassist works here, I'll find him". That's how I got a picture and a bit of chat; nice, nice dude. My friend's phone ended up in the toilet; she lost her phone and I lost the pic. Fun night.


God, I would have been gutted! I wish it was more common/easy to have instant photo uploads to Facebook…That would help a bunch I bet!

Rachel xx

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Anonymous asked: I was stranded once, small good tip to have like you said always carry extra money. I personally strap it to my inner thigh, (i wear uner wear and I literally am considering sewing a little pocket near my crotch because NO CRASS LITTLE PUNK is going to take my survival money! Plus moneys already dirty, imagine how many strippas had those 1ers, fives and so tucked into their bikin bottom... so don't worry about "oh no, the moeny is dirty i can't give taxi driver "dirty" money. #1 tip-- Survive!

Bras also make amazing pockets haha! But yes, always always always keep spare money on you. If I don’t have a spare taxi fund then I won’t go to a show, end of story. Even if I am getting a lift off someone I will keep money just in case that falls through! Be safe, be in control of your night out!

Rachel xx

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